National Historic Landmark: Trinity Lutheran Church of LIC/Astoria, 1890-present

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Landmark Status:
Trinity Lutheran Church of Astoria and Long Island City was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.


Trinity Lutheran Church was formed in 1890 by German immigrants who moved from Lower Manhattan. Trinity prospered as ferries and bridges made it easier to travel from Astoria and Long Island City with Manhattan. Services were originally conducted in German, but switched to English in the 1920s.

Our main building, where we hold worship and fellowship events, was designed by John William Cresswell Corbusier and overseen by architect George W. Conable (1866-1933). It was built in 1926 and is a one-story Collegiate Gothic style building. It is constructed of brick faced with coursed rubble aplite trimmed in cast stone. The front elevation features a recessed entry with a large window above, framed by two spires with ornate turrets. The interior is in a Gothic plan of nave and transepts.[2] The church owns a 1927 Skinner pipe organ, which is still operational and used during Sunday services. ((from wikipedia don't forget to credit or rewrite and factcheck))

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.[1]

Trinity continues to welcome immigrants from all over. Our present family includes persons from Tanzania, Poland, Sierra Leone, Spain, Peru, Germany, Hungary, China, Israel, India, Egypt, Panama, Guyana, Colombia, as well as persons from all parts of the United States. We are also persons born and raised in Astoria/Long Island City.

Our beautiful garden is maintained by our own John Simmons who is assisted by many persons with planting, weeding and maintaining it. In addition to the lovely trees and flowers, we also have strawberries, raspberries, corn and pumpkins growing in our garden!