We are a vibrant diverse community made up of life-long Lutherans and those who are new to the Christian faith. One will encounter wise seniors and little children in our midst. We are single, partnered, married, widowed, straight, LGBTQ. We are native Astorians and people from around the world. Our worship, theology and life together celebrate the abundance of God’s love, found in the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus!

Here you can laugh, cry, sing, eat, pray, serve the greater community, and engage in intimate conversations with us about life and faith.

In all that we are, we try to live our mission promise:

To Seek and Share God’s Grace Through Welcome, Worship & Work


Please Join Us for these Upcoming Events

May the Spirit of the Crucified and Risen Christ dwell with you today, and all through the week.  Christ goes ahead of us to meet us in all the places where we find ourselves.  May you feel his Resurrection Power in your life today!


Sewing Ladies Mothers’ Day Sale

From both the sale and other contributions, we have raised OVER $1,000 so far.  Give generously!

All proceeds will go to Relief in Nepal after Earthquake.

Nepal Area Earthquake

Our Response: Lutheran Disaster Response is committed to walking with our brothers and sisters in Nepal, as rescue efforts and assessments continue. The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has launched an immediate large-scale emergency response with its emergency team in Kathmandu at the LWF offices, which have escaped the worst impact of the quake. The ELCA is the only U.S. member church of the LWF. We are also working with Lutheran World Relief and church partners from ACT Alliance to coordinate the response, which includes the distribution of immediate life-saving supplies such as water, food, shelter and medication to people injured. –

See more at: http://www.elca.org/Our-Work/Relief-and-Development/Lutheran-Disaster-Response/Our-Impact/Nepal-Earthquake#sthash.o3GPNpoH.dpuf


The 11th NYC Musical Saw Festival will be held at Trinity on Saturday, May 30th @ 2pm. 

Trinity’s Handbell Choir and the Astoria Choir will be joining in the fun with about 50 musical saw players from around the world.

Please mark your calendar and come witness the phenomenon!  Admission: $10.

Info: www.musicalSawFestival.org.



Trinity to participate in the Cooperative Internship Program with the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (LTSP).

After informed discussion, the congregation voted today to participate.  We begin the process of application now with hopes of having a seminary student here by September.

The intern is a “student pastor” who will be mentored by Pastor Paul and participate in all aspects of parish ministry here at Trinity.  The person chosen will be part time, in classes at Philadelphia from Tuesday-Thursday and with us Friday – Monday.  This person would serve part time here at Trinity for 3 years.  An internship committee is now in place with the following persons serving:  Angela Marino, Chair, Richard Hayden, Nile Mathias, Maritza Tamayo and Pastor Paul.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting venture!


Contemplative Worship in the Nave (Main Worship area)

Tuesday nights @ 7:30 p.m.
Join us for a candlelight, intimate worship style that includes reading of Scripture, Reflections by Participants, Meditative Prayer and Holy Communion. Enter through front doors on 31st Avenue. We are reading through the Resurrection appearances of Jesus during the Easter Season.