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Lutheran Church Links

Worldwide : The Lutheran World Federation
United States : The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
New York : The Metropolitan New York Synod

A few International Lutheran Churches

(New York is Partner Synod to the Northwest Diocese of the Lutheran Church in Tanzania)

MNYS mission in Romania

Visit to learn more about Pastors Michael and Terri Church and the Metro NY Synod's ministry in Transylvania.

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Lutheran Charities

Please Consider a Gift to One of these Important Organizations
Lutheran Disaster Response:
Lutheran World Relief:
Camp Ma-He-Tu:
Camp Wilbur Herrlich:
Seafarers International House:

Our Ecumenical Partners

The ELCA is in Full Communion with these churches:
The Episcopal Church:
The Reformed Church:
The Presbyterian Church:
The Moravian Church:
The United Methodist Church:

The ELCA and LWF are in dialogue with these churches:
The Roman Catholic Church:
The African Methodist Episcopal Church: well as the Orthodox and Mennonite Churches.