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To Seek and Share God’s Grace through Welcome, Worship and WORK

Trinity offers a number of ministries for spiritual growth and opportunity to serve the greater community and world. We encourage you to become engaged in this work, knowing that as you serve, you are blessed.

Theologian Friedrich Buechner states: “Where your greatest passion and the world’s greatest need intersect, that is the place where God is calling you!

Our ministries include:


Each Sunday @ 10:30 a.m. One can serve as:

  • Assisting Minister
  • Lesson Reader
  • Chalice Bearer (help distribute Holy Communion)
  • Choir Member
  • Crucifer (carry the cross)
  • Usher
  • Greeter
  • Verger (light & extinguish the candles)
  • Lord’s Prayer (speak this prayer in a language other than English)
  • Intercessor (write and pray prayers aloud during worship)
  • Prayer team (provide individual prayer at the side chapel during communion distribution)
  • Altar Guild (help prepare the worship space for the liturgy & clean up afterward)

Contemplative Worship is held on Tuesdays @ 7:00 p.m. in our Garden or Church.


Adult Bible study is offered during the year. See Pastor Paul for details.

Sunday School is held in the Fall, Winter & Spring in the Basement during the 10:30 a.m. Worship service. Children from birth through 7th grade are encouraged to attend. Children begin in the Worship space with families. An adult must accompany younger children. See Hawa Anderson or Maritza Tamayo for details.

First Communion & Confirmation can be scheduled by contacting Pastor Paul.

Lutheran Beliefs Classes for those wanting to know more about us and our Lutheran Christian way of life are offered regularly. Those wishing to formalize their relationship with Trinity by becoming official members are urged to be a part of the class – but All Are Welcome.

Wine & Cheese is held at various times during the year in Pastor Paul’s living room. Discussions on relevant topics or books vary.

diakonia is a lay education ministry of the Metropolitan New York Synod, and is held on Saturdays in our Basement. This is a two year commitment with course work including:

  • Introduction to the Old Testament/New Testament
  • Lutheran Confessions & Beliefs
  • Church Doctrine
  • Worship
  • Pastoral visitation
  • Church History

See Pastor Paul if interested in participating.

Spiritual Life


Women’s Group meets two times a month, on a Saturday afternoon or a Wednesday evening. Conversations include both reading of Scripture and talking about issues of importance. Prayer is also a part of the gatherings. See Lisa Canellas or Susan Stoderl for more information. 

Men’s Ministry gathers regularly for fellowship around the card playing table. Various projects occur such as church yard clean up, cooking for our Summer barbecue, building a fence for trash cans, etc. See John Simmons for more information.

A Congregational Retreat is held at Koinonia of Highland Lake NY – in the lower Catskills – every September. Opportunity for prayer and meditation, worship, learning, intimate conversations, much laughter and communing with creation are provided. Other retreat opportunities are offered at times. See Pastor Paul for details.

Prayer Ministry is a new offering in our life together. Someone is available during Worship on Sundays to pray with you during the distribution of Holy Communion. Plans are being made to develop a Prayer and Care Team. Speak with Lisa Canellas if interested in participating.

Arts Ministry


Arts Ministry continues to thrive here. This includes:

Mosaic work – three benches have already been completed; check them out on our front steps and Back Garden. A larger mosaic is in the initial stages and will be coordinated with our Sunday School program. See Amy Appleton if interested.

Creative Collaborative meets regularly here at Trinity.  Artists, poets, film writers, actors, singers, instrumentalists, dancers – ALL ARE WELCOME. Contact Lisa at lisaalonsocanellas@gmail.com  or Trevor Bowen if you are interested in participating.

Music Trinity is in the business of making beautiful music. Our worship space has excellent acoustics for this. Our music life includes:

See Church Musician, William Easterling for more information.

Art pieces are created by members of the Trinity family and shown at various exhibits around the city.

Annual Christmas Craft Fair is always held in late November or early December. Many handmade items that are created throughout the year are for sale, as well as items from local vendors. See Erika Butler for more information.

Support for our Trinity Family members who are in the arts is basic to our life together. Numerous Family members are actors, singers, musicians, etc., and we publicize their shows and encourage folks to attend to show our love and support.

TV & Film production filming happens regularly here at Trinity. Recent users have included: Nurse Jackie, Blue Bloods, Broad City. Contact the church office at 718-278-0036 for more information.

Social Ministry

Social Ministry allows us to reach out to support our neighbors in need. This includes:

Food Pantry which is open twice a month on Friday evenings @ 6:30 p.m. See calendar for dates it is open. Contact Powell Griggs for more information or to assist or donate.

Community Supper is always held on the 2nd Friday of every month from 6-8:30 p.m. All are welcome! This is a potluck affair, with folks providing what food they can to share. Contact Elizabeth Lacks for more information.

Westway Family Center for homeless families has recently opened in our community. Trinity is committed to seeing that these sisters and brothers have a life filled with dignity and experience the unconditional love of God through our work with them. Pastor Paul serves on the Community Advisory Board. Contact him for more information.

Lenten Denial Funds are collected every spring during the liturgical season of Lent. Participants collect their quarters to share. After nominations are made, the council (governing body) makes a determination of a worthy recipient. Recent recipients have been:
Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBTQ Youth, Oaks Indian Mission, Philippine Hurricane Disaster Relief, victims of Hurricane Sandy here in NY, World Vision Water Project and Bobbi and the Strays (to help with the cat population in Astoria.)

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an essential part of our life together. This ministry includes:

Making Peace with Your Past: Help for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families – an intense confidential 12 week program of personal reflection and support/conversation group led by Pastor Paul.

Pastoral counseling is provided by Pastor Paul in a private and confidential setting. Contact him to make an appointment.

Funeral services are provided for both official Trinity Family members and those who are not. Services can be held in our worship space, funeral home, outdoor garden, or the cemetery. Contact the church office or Pastor Paul for more information.

Baptisms are celebrated here with great relish! One needs to contact the church office to set the date and plan for a personal conversation with Pastor Paul prior to the baptism.

Weddings are events that Pastor Paul loves to be a part of. One need not be a part of the official Trinity family in order for him to preside. Our beautiful sanctuary makes for spectacular ceremonies. Pastor Paul is also happy to conduct weddings at other venues as well. Pre-marital counseling and planning for the ceremony are required. To schedule your ceremony, contact the church office at 718/278-0036 at least two months prior to the event.


Fellowship is almost the “third sacrament” here at Trinity. We love to eat and love to have a great time. This ministry includes:

Fellowship time after Sunday worship. This happens in fall, winter and spring and we are always looking for persons to help set up, clean up and bring items to share. Contact Jessica Tusing for more information.

Summer Barbecue in our Back Garden. Occurring at least 4 times in the year, this is a great time to grill out and enjoy the beauty of our Garden and each other!

Special events are scheduled during the year. Check the calendar to see what is offered.

Trinity is 125 years old in 2015! We have ONE MORE event to celebrate our anniversary, on Saturday, April 16, a Handbell concert which will include lots of information about our history and what Astoria/Long Island City was like 125 years ago. Contact Pastor Paul for more information.

Toddler Playgroup is held on Wednesday mornings @ 10 a.m. in the Basement. Parents bring their children down to play (we have lots of toys!) and enjoy each others company, getting advice and sharing ideas. All are welcome!

Trips are offered regularly, both local and international. Pastor Paul LOVES to travel with Trinity Family members and friends.

International trips: 2015 will include a trip to Turkey. Recent trips have included: Israel & the Holy Land, Greece, Germany. Future plans are Spain, Italy and Germany.

Local trips: Recently we walked the High Line on the west side of Manhattan and had dinner afterward. See Pastor Paul for more information.



Property is a blessing to Trinity. One may assist with:

Our garden. Many in the community are drawn to us because of the beauty of the flowers and trees and lawn. We pride ourselves in sharing this with our neighbors. Chris Ducharme, our Trinity Family member and gardener works quite hard planning, planting and maintaining this beautiful space. One can assist with weeding, fall and winter preparation, etc. Contact Chris to help.

Neo-gothic structure. Many are drawn to us for our beautiful building. It takes much work to maintain this structure, which, after 100 years, shows it age. If you have expertise or ideas, please see Pastor Paul.

School building. We own the building to the south of our worship space, and rent it to Our World Neighborhood (OWN) Charter School. We are honored to be partners with our long term tenant.

Parking lot. One of our most popular pieces of real estate is our parking lot across from the Rectory (Pastor’s house & office) and school. While the middle portion is reserved for Trinity functions and some space used by the OWN faculty and staff, we rent the perimeter to local residents and businesses. To reserve a spot, contact the church office at 718/278-0036.

Rectory. This home built in 1895 is the location of our church offices and the residence of Pastor Paul and his family. It is located between the Church building and the school. The Rectory is also the location for Bible study, pastoral counseling, Wine & Cheese events, Women’s group meetings, and other ministry settings.

Strategic Plan underway!

Trinity has been engaged in a planning program called Grow My Church! for over 18 months. This has included:

Developing our Mission Promise Statement: To Seek and Share God’s Grace through Welcome, Worship and Work

We have organized our Strategic Plan as follows: Grow Our Church. Spiritually. Numerically. In service to the community.

Survey designed and administered by our Council President, Dr. Eric Rodriguez with over 125 persons participating

Interviews with various individuals for more in depth conversation on the survey

Meetings of the Grow My Church Team to intentionally discuss our mission and ministry which included: Worship, Hospitality, Generosity, Fellowship, Pastoral Care, Education, Administration, etc.

Changes in our life together have already occurred including: Sermon Bullet points in worship bulletin and on the internet; creation of a Social Media committee; honoring “our saints” – three older members of our family, etc.


Committees help us to coordinate our life together. As the saying goes: Many hands make light work. We continually seek persons to serve in our life together. Specific committees include:

Worship Board – help to plan and coordinate our worship life together. See Richard Walker for more details.

Stewardship Team – help us live into our relationship with God and each other as we plan how to give our Time, Talent and Treasure for the work of Christ here at Trinity and around the world. See Rachel Munz for more details.

House/Property – To maintain our large facility and grounds. See Jessica Tusing for more details.

Finance – help us make decisions about investments, develop our annual budget, review monthly financial reports, etc. See Eric Rodriguez or Treasurer Marcia Ramadhar for more details.

Fellowship – help to coordinate the weekly event held after worship, the summer barbecue and other special events during the year. See Lauren Craig for more details.

Personnel – to maintain policy and procedures and assist in supervising and evaluation of the church staff.  See Steven Baker for more details.