I’m New

Am I welcome?


  • If you are a first time worshiper and not sure what you believe, but just want to be with a loving, supportive community – then Trinity is the place for you!
  • If you are a life-long Christian who yearns to hear about God’s abundant love and not judgment on who you are – come on in!
  • If you are seeking a deeper relationship with God and an understanding of what God desires for your life – we are happy to explore this with you!

What will I experience?

  • Welcome to all is central to our self-understanding. Near the very beginning of the worship service, we will pass the peace – and this takes a while: folks get out of the pews and shake hands, and are truly happy to see new faces as well as long time friends. (Hugging & kissing have been known to happen on occasion.)
  • Worship is the heart of who we are, and our service is filled with lively music, a Children’s Sermon every week, dynamic preaching making the Bible relevant to the 21st Century context, time for prayer and Holy Communion. All are welcome to receive Holy Communion.
  • Fellowship is one of the joys of this community. After worship in Fall, Winter & Spring we head to the basement for food and conversation. Summer we have outdoor barbecues in our Back Garden. At various times during the year, Pastor Paul hosts a Wine & Cheese in his living room which ALWAYS includes lively discussion on a specific topic.
  • Study is important for us. Pastor Paul offers regular bible study and various short-length studies during the year.  A lay led bible study occurs on Thursday nights @ 7:30 p.m. in the Basement of the Main church building.
  • Companionship is vital to our life. Trinity has a Women’s group, Men’s group and a budding Prayer Ministry. We go to the lower Catskills for a Congregational Retreat every September.
  • Children are a delight for us. And we love having them in worship! Pastor Paul provides a Children’s Sermon each week, we have a special room for them to play in during Fellowship hour, a Toddlers’ Playgroup meets once a week, and Sunday School is offered for kids up to 7th Grade during the year.
  • Community Outreach is a vibrant part of our life. We have a Food Pantry, a Pet Food Pantry, and a Community Supper that feeds many including families from a local Homeless Family Center. We also raise money for both local and international charities each year.