Lutheran Church Links

Our geographic church: The Metropolitan New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:

Our denomination: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA):

Our denomination magazine:

International Lutheran community:

Our favorite Church camp: Koinonia of Highland Lakes NY (in the lower Catskills)

Our local Lutheran seminary: The Lutheran Theological Seminary of Philadelphia PA

Faith development for families: Vibrant Faith Ministries

Our local social ministry organization: Lutheran Social Services of NY

Our local counseling ministry: Lutheran Counseling Services of NY

National organization of Lutheran services in the USA, including Senior Citizen homes and nursing homes, hospitals, social services agencies, etc.

Lay educational ministry of our local area: diakonia program of the Metro NY Synod

Lutheran Charities

  • Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) is known for its timely presence when both domestic and international crises come. When the Oklahoma City bombing occurred, LDR was the first to respond (even before the Red Cross!)
  • When 9/11 occurred here in NYC, Lutheran Disaster Response NY (LDRNY) made a commitment to stay to help with recovery “for the long haul” and received thanks from the families of victims who said, “You can trust the Lutherans. They will stick!”
  • Lutheran World Relief provides care to persons and families in both crisis and chronic situations in the areas of homelessness, nutrition, etc.
  • The ELCA World Hunger Program reaches out to health clinics, provides microloans, builds water wells and teaches animal husbandry, provides community meals and engaging in advocacy for those with no voice in the political or economic system of their location.

Because each of these charities is a part of the national ELCA, regular dollars provided in the offering plate each Sunday are forwarded through our local geographic organization to the denomination, thus providing all administrative costs and salaries. 100% of each dollar given to these charities provides DIRECT services to victims, clients, ministries. The money gets to where you want it to go!

Our “mother” parish is Trinity Lutheran Church on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, that is home to Services and Food for the Homeless. Find out about this amazing congregation and its ministry at

Seafarer and International House provides chaplaincy programs and services to international seafarers both in its hotel near Union Square and aboard ships when they are in port in NY and NJ. Find out more about this ministry on our behalf at

A few International Lutheran Churches

(Metro New York is Partner Synod to the Northwest Diocese of the Lutheran Church in Tanzania)

Our Ecumenical Partners

The ELCA is in Full Communion with these churches:
The Episcopal Church:
The Reformed Church:
The Presbyterian Church:
The Moravian Church:
The United Methodist Church:

The ELCA and LWF are in dialogue with these churches:
The Roman Catholic Church:
The African Methodist Episcopal Church:
…as well as the Orthodox and Mennonite Churches.