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2015/7/26 Sermon

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

John 6:1-21

  On Jesus feeding us. How we NEED to be fed.

Martin Luther: “Worship and Education are the twin pillars on which the church stands or falls.” 

Pastor Chryll Crews from Urban Leaders’ Institute, speaking on the story of Martha & Mary, when Jesus comes to visit.  Martha is in the kitchen working, while Mary sits at Jesus’ feet listening to him.  Martha gets upset and asks Jesus to tell Mary to help with the chores of the feast.  Jesus tells Martha that she is “distracted with much serving.”  He tells her that Mary has chosen the good part. 

Pastor Crews reminded us: “Don’t be so busy serving God that you forget him.”


Sometimes in our lives, and especially in our church lives, we get so busy doing the BUSINESS of church that we forget the PURPOSE of church.  

We NEED to be regularly fed on God’s Word and his meal.  Worship is vital to our souls as individuals and a congregation.  Contemplating on God’s Word in worship and bible study is at the heart of who we are as a church family.  We are NOT just a non-profit organization, we are the church – and that makes us different.  Serving without being regularly fed is not healthy. 

We are looking for folk to be involved in adult bible study this fall.  We are looking for some persons or a team to help teach Sunday School to our younger ones this fall.  We are urging you to be regular in your worship attendance, either on Sunday or Tuesday evening.

In the children’s sermon, we will see that a fan cannot function properly when it is unplugged.  So it is as members of the Trinity family – without being plugged in to Jesus through Word and Sacrament regularly, our efforts, as laudable as they are, will not bear the fruit we hope for. 

We need to be nourished by the one who can feed not only the crowds near the Sea of Galilee, but even today – here, in Astoria/Long Island City.


We must be fed in order to feed!